How to use yoga ring?

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Author : Terry Zheng
Update time : 2020-04-07 17:34:58
How to use yoga ring?
Yoga ring is one of the hot selling fitness equipment that sells on the net in recent years, very compact, I also use it at ordinary times use as exercise and it is quite convenient. How to use? Please have a look at the introduction for you.


1.When we do yoga, we often do not move in place, so we can use the yoga ring to complete the connection, such as the following movements.

2.Put your hands back, one hand under your shoulders and the other hand over your neck, so that when you hold the ring in both hands, you can obviously work the muscles in your back. It can prevent neck and shoulder from getting fat.

3.Hands flat, and then to the rear side of the yoga ring in the back of the head, this movement can effectively ease the tension of the neck muscles, for some office gens, students group is very practical.

4.Bend one hand and use a yoga ring with the other hand to pull the elbow of one hand outward, which works the muscles of the shoulder and neck of the arm.

5.Sitting position, lift on the leg to hook toe with yoga ring, pull toward oneself body direction with the hand next, can exercise the muscle of leg and arm ministry.
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